The NFT project that fuses the world of football and art — FantasyFootballNFT

Here is what you need to know about this NFT project.

Photo created by Jeremy Doodles

Fantasyfootballnft (@FF_NFT on twitter) is a collaborative art project built on the Fantom Opera Mainnet. Created by the psychedelic Pepe Picasso Yannick Reupke (@clokkworky), world renowned football artist Jeremy Doodles (@FPLDoodles1) and me, FP Lootcraft (@skeptic1874).

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It is a one-of-a-kind digital asset such as art, trading cards, memes, club memberships, ebooks, comics. Anything that can be created or transformed into digital form can be sold on a Blockchain. Once tokenized, these assets can be bought, sold and traded on various platforms using cryptocurrency.

Why is it called “non-fungible”?

Fungibility means interchangeability. Nonfungible, means you can’t exchange it for another thing of equal value. For example, a $10 bill can be exchanged for two $5 bills. One bar of gold can be swapped for another bar of gold of the same size. Those things are fungible. Non-fungible is the exact opposite of fungible, which means an object is unique and one of a kind.


@FF_NFTs goal is not just to create football art that we love, but to demystify the realm of decentralized finance to the football community.

On April 11th, 2021 FantasyFootballNFT minted the “Founders Card”.

Founders Card
Fantasy Football Bruno (Founders Edition)

It was given to 20 members of the FPL Twitter community - the founding members consist of podcasters, fantasy football writers, meme lords and degenerates. It contains statistical data of Bruno Fernandes, with imagery that is familiar, yet new and innovative. This card is a membership to our exclusive FPL league that awards monthly prizes based on member’s performance. It serves as an introduction to the world of NFTs to the FPL community.

Our second NFT, Fantasy Football Salah, was released September 22nd on PaintSwap.

Fantasy Football Salah (Basic Edition)

This NFT was created with the idea to expand the boundaries of the artwork as well as the artistic ceiling. We decided to remove the statistics and give ourselves more creative breathing room. The card is a depiction of Mohamed Salah, in his signature pose in front of the sandy pyramids of Egypt, surrounded with vivid hieroglyphic pillars created by Clokkworky.


Our plan is to release 1 famous footballer every month in 3 stages of different rarities;

30 Basic Editions

15 Gold Editions

3 Diamond Editions

Each NFT will also include membership to our private FPL league, where players can compete for custom profile pictures created by our artists and cash prizes that increase with the growth of the project.

Final Thoughts

FantasyFootballNFT is not just an art project that fuses the world of football and art, it’s an opportunity to be part of a growing movement and a network of communities. We invite you to follow @FF_NFT on Twitter and join our journey!

fantasyfootballnft is a collaborative art project created by fpldoodles1, clokkworky and fp lootcraft